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Great Lakes Futurity/Maturity 20180528GSDC of Central Ohio 20180527PMGSDC of Central Ohio 20180527AMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 20180526PMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 20180526AMGSDC of Eastern Virginia 20171210GSDC of Eastern Virginia 20171209PMGSDC of Eastern Virginia 20171209AMGSDC of Central Ohio 20170528 PMGSDC of Central Ohio 20170528 AMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 20170527 PMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 20170527 AMGSDC of Western KY 20160611 PMGSDC of Western KY 20160611 AMGL Futurity Weekend 2016 CandidsGreat Lakes Futurity 2016GSDC of Central Ohio 20160529 PMGSDC of Central Ohio 20160529 AMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 20160528 PMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 20160528 AMGSDC of Western KY 201506 Candids and Movement ShotsGSDC of Western KY 20150621GSDC of Western KY 20150620GSDC of Central Ohio May 2015 Candids and Moving ShotsGSDC of Central Ohio 24 May 2015 PMGSDC of Central Ohio 24 May 2015 AMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati May 23 2015 PMGSDC 0f Greater Cincinnati May 23 2015 AMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati and GSDC of Central Ohio May 2014 Movement ShotsGSDC of Central Ohio May 2014 AM and PMGSDC of Central Ohio 26 May 2013 AM and PMGSDC of Greater Cincinnati 25 May 2013 AM and PM